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a road map line overlaying two images of the West Texas landscape
So Far From Care

Living in a small town in West Texas can feel magical. And part of that magic is how isolated we are: hours and hours down a desert highway from everything else. But when it comes to accessing reproductive healthcare, that remoteness can also be terrifying.

In the Big Bend, the idea of “choice” was complicated long before Roe v. Wade was overturned. Out here, you can’t legally get an abortion — but as recently as last year, depending on the day of the week, you also couldn’t have a baby in a delivery room.

So Far From Care is a podcast about those contradictions. It’s about how people decide when, how, or if to become parents — close to the border and far from the hospital, where you have a literal village to help you raise a child but daycare can be impossible to find.

These are stories about isolation that’s not just physical — all the challenges we deal with in silence. But also, about how a place without options can become the site of community and care.

New episodes weekly starting November 1.

Produced by Zoe Kurland, Carlos Morales, and Annie Rosenthal. Series artwork by Dio Cramer and Hannah Gentiles. Music written and performed by Clara Brill.

And listen to the original So Far From Care series that started this podcast here.

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