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Marfa for Beginners
Marfa for Beginners
Drops weekly beginning September 13th

What do you know about Marfa, Texas? Whether it’s Vogue magazine, The Simpsons, or I Love Dick, there’s a certain narrative about Marfa: the romantic art town in the middle of nowhere. But there’s more to Marfa than that. Marfa for Beginners is the audio guide to the Marfa you may not know: Virgin of Guadalupe sightings and limited Tinder options. A place where you can feel like a stranger in your own hometown while also feeling like there are zero degrees of separation between you and…anyone else.

Marfa For Beginners is an expansion of the narrative, a trip down a different road, a tourism podcast for locals…and what does that mean? To find out, listen weekly, starting September 13th.

A letter from the station's Executive Director and Host of Marfa For Beginners, Elise Pepple.

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Latest Episodes
  • How is it that 24 hours in West Texas is both the longest and the shortest day?
  • What’s it like to see the place you grew up in change with each passing year into something you recognize less and less?
  • This episode is about finding love in Marfa. Or trying to.
  • A lot of people call the journey to Marfa a pilgrimage - to see Prada Marfa, or the works of Donald Judd. But just down the street from the town’s most famous museum, there’s another pilgrimage site you might not know about.
  • Marfa for Beginners is a tourism podcast for locals, celebrating the myths and realities you might not know about.