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NPR's Kelly McEvers on Her New Podcast "Embedded"

NPR's Kelly McEvers, host of the new podcast "Embedded" (Jay L. Clendenin/NPR)

NPR’s Kelly McEvers spent years covering the Iraq War and the conflicts and uprisings in the Middle East before taking up her current role as one of the hosts of All Things Considered.

She’s spent weeks on the ground with anti-government forces in Syria, and with her new podcast Embedded, she brings us up-close-and-personal with the likes of bikers, a town at the center of an HIV outbreak and people in El Salvador trying to live normal lives despite the deadly gang violence that’s erupted there.

We talked with McEvers about the show's personal approach to storytelling, what one of the episodes reveals about our immigration system, and how she balances the responsibilities of a longford podcast with her day-to-day job as an NPR reporter and host.

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