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Lou Reed, Boquillas, and Pandemic Pantry

The iconic Boquillas Restaurant has been passed down through the Falcon family, lifelong residents of Boquillas. (Travis Bubenik/KRTS)

In the first half of this week's West Texas Talk, we take a short break from COVID 19 news to feature a new project from our friends the Kitchen Sisters. Their podcast 'The Keepers' tells the stories of archivists, librarians, curators, and other guardians of history large and small. On this episode, they explore the vision behind the Lou Reed archive with interviews from Laurie Anderson, Don Fleming, and archivists at the New York Library for the Performing Arts.

Then, we return to the Big Bend region for a conversation between host Elise Pepple and reporter Carlos Morales about the town of Boquillas. Once the port of entry to Boquillas was closed for public health reasons, the tourist economy there all but disappeared. Morales describes how some Boquillas vendors are adapting by moving online and as well as other measures that are being taken to support the community.

To close the episode, Pepple and Seth Siegel-Gardner try out a new segment idea called 'Pandemic Pantry.' As a professional chef with a lifetime of experience in the kitchen, Siegel-Garnder offers recipe ideas to local residents who are stuck in quarantine based on the random items lying around in their kitchen. In this first installment, he talks Pepple through a meal idea for her leftover pasta, coconut milk, and some canned salmon that may or may not be expired.

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