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Jim Bradbury On Eminent Domain, Its Future and Reform

Jim Bradbury is an eminent domain attorney, who represents landowners. (Photo courtesy of Jim Bradbury)

On West Texas Talk this week we hear from Jim Bradbury, an eminent domain attorney, who represents Texas landowners.

In this episode, Bradbury discusses the often convoluted process of eminent domain, which gives power to the state of the federal government to take properties for public use. The law requires just compensation for the taking, but Bradbury says it's often not enough.

"Eminent domain is an enormous issue," says Bradbury. "Landowners are really being inundated by this process and being bewildered by it."

In this episode, you'll hear Bradbury discuss what qualifies as "public use,"  how that's proven, and what kind of reform he believes is needed to the law.


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