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Peter Behrens


On tonight's West Texas Talk, we speak with author Peter Behrens who joins us from New York City. Behrens is a native of Montreal, Canada but his heart and much of the inspiration for his work is tied to West Texas. Behrens' third novel, Carry Me, has just been published. The work focuses on the effects of bigotry, the power of love and yearning to escape the gathering storm before war.

One review of Carry Me reads;

"Intriguing characters braid this intricate and harrowing story together, from golden Edwardian summers to London under Zeppelin attack, Ireland on the brink of its War of Independence, and Germany collapsing into the Hitler era. As a society loses its civic and moral bearings, a childhood friendship deepens into a love affair with extraordinarily high stakes. Brilliantly conceived and elegantly written, Carry Me is an epic for grown-ups, an unusual love story, and a lucid meditation on Europe’s violent twentieth century."

Peter Behrens  is also the author of two previous novels, The O’Briens(2012) and his critically acclaimed first novel, Law of Dreams (2006).

Law of Dreams garnered Behrens the 2006 Governor General’s Award for Fiction, one of Canada's most prestigious literary honors. His work has been featured in the Atlantic magazine and the New York Times. He is currently a Fellow at Harvard at the Ratcliffe Institute for Advanced Study.

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