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Scott Reeder, Film Director, Discusses Sci-Fi Picture Moon Dust

Artist and director Scott Reeder multitasking as gaffer and 1st camera on set. (

Artist and filmmaker Scott Reeder discusses his sci-fi film Moon Dust, which is making its Texas premier Saturday, May 9, at 8 PM at the CineMarfa film festival.

Moon Dust is a dystopian comedy set in a resort on the moon, which has seen better days. This is Reeder's  first feature film and it took 11 years to create. Shot entirely in built-interiors, Ben Carlson described them as "Minimalism-inspired movie sets which provoke a kind of astral Marfa..." (quote from ArtForum). Reeder's practice as a painter is evident in the painstakingly created and consistently cheap-looking monochromatic sets and color-coordinated costumes. It was inspired by films such as the low-tech futurism of early Outer Limits and Twilight Zone episodes.


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