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Election 2020: Texas Primary Results

(Erik Hersman via Flickr/CC BY 2.0)

By Marfa Public Radio

Across the state on Super Tuesday, Texans headed to the polls to cast their ballots in the March primaries. Hundreds of thousands of Texans voted during the 12 days of Early Voting and this election cycle reached a record number of registered voters in the state at 16.2 million.

Below you'll find primary results for several state races, including House District 74, Senate District 19 and 83rd District Attorney. We're also tracking the crowded primary races for Congressional District 11 and Congressional District 23. For additional results on statewide races, click here.

Congressional District 11

Texas’ Congressional District 11 covers 29 counties and clocks in at almost 30,000 miles spanning from the Permian Basin all the way to the Hill Country. And, for the past 16 years, it’s been home to one of the most powerful Republicans in Texas — Congressman Mike Conaway. But in 2019, he announced his retirement from Congress, setting the stage for the crowded and competitive Republican primary currently taking place in the solidly conservative district.

*107,011 votes tallied

Gene Barber (R)1.53%
Brandon Batch (R)15.06%
Jaime Berryhill (R)6.96%
J.D. Faircloth (R)
Gray Casey (R)3.72%
J. Ross Lacy (R)4.45%
Ned Luscombe (R)1.93%
August Pfluger (R)52.15%
Robert Tucker (R)2.92%
Wesley Virdell (R)7.34%

*Editor's note: In the Democratic Primary, candidate Jon Mark Hogg is running unopposed.

Congressional District 23

When Congressman Will Hurd announced his retirement last year, it set off a frenzy. The outgoing Republican represents Texas’ Congressional District 23, a swing district covering 29 counties in West and South Texas. The open race has drawn some 15 Republicans and Democrats this primary who are hoping to get their party’s nomination.

* 65,553 votes tallied

Rosalinda Ramos Abuabara (D) 10.83%
Jaime Escuder (D) 4.34%
Ricardo Madrid (D)7.07%
Gina Ortiz Jones (D)66.83%
Efrain Valdez (D)10.93%

Alma Arrendondo-Lynch (R)13.23%
Darwin Boedeker (R)1.81%
Alia Garcia-Ureste (R) 2.53%
Tony Gonzalez (R)28.12%
Cecil B. Jones (R)3.77%
Jeff McFarlin (R)10.33%
Raul Reyes, Jr. (R)23.34%
Sharon Thomas (R)6.09%
Ben Van Winkle (R)10.78%

*41,062 votes reported

Senate District 19

State Senate District 19 covers a large swath of West Texas — it spans 17 counties, from Pecos down to Brewster and stretching all the way to San Antonio. For over 100 years, Texas Democrats controlled the district, but that came to a sudden end last year when Republican Pete Flores won the state seat in a Special Election.

*73,039 votes tallied

Roland Gutierrez (D)37.28%
Freddy Ramirez (D)18.97%
Xochil Peña Rodriguez (D)43.75%

*Editor's note: State Sen. Pete Flores is running unopposed in the Republican primary for SD19.

House District 74

Texas House District 74 covers a massive chunk of South and West Texas, including 12 counties bordering Mexico and spanning two time zones. The western limit of the district stops just short of El Paso and its eastern boundary is at the edge of Maverick County, including the city of Eagle Pass.

*18,499 votes tallied.

Rowland Garza (D)21.98%
Eddie Morales, Jr. (D)50.8%
Ramsey English Cantú (D)27.22%

Ruben Falcon (R)53.56%
Robert Garza (R)46.44%

*6,582 votes tallied.

District Attorney, 83rd Judicial District

The 83rd District Attorney covers Brewster, Jeff Davis, Pecos and Presidio Counties. In this race, incumbent Sandy Wilson faces a Republican primary challenger in Ori White. There is no candidate in the Democratic primary for this seat. 

*2,752 votes tallied

Sandy Wilson (R)46.77%
Ori White (R)53.23%

In other races across the region, Democratic candidate Roy B. Ferguson ran unopposed in the primary for District Judge. There was no candidate in the Republican Primary for this seat. Rod Ponton ran unopposed in the Democratic Primary for Presidio County Attorney. There is no Republican challenger in the fall for that race. Danny Dominguez won his Democratic Primary for Sheriff. Dominguez ran unopposed and will not have a Republican opponent in November. Presidio County Commissioners Brenda Bently (Pct. 1) and Jose Luiz Cabezuela (Pct. 3) won their individual races in the Democratic Primary. Like many other local candidates, Bently and Cabezuela ran unopposed and don't have challengers in the fall. In the Democratic primary for Presidio Constable, Pct. 2, Adan Covos Jr. edged out his competitor Esteban Coker, 484 votes to 228.

Editor's note: An earlier version mistakenly said Rod Ponton ran for Presidio County Judge. That is incorrect. He ran for Presidio County Attorney.

Carlos Morales is Marfa Public Radio's News Director.