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Christian Wallace of Boomtown & The Rise of the Permian


For the months of February and March, we’re airing episodes of Boomtown — a series made by Texas Monthly and Imperative Entertainment. The podcast takes you inside the rugged Permian Basin of West Texas, where roughnecks and billionaire wildcatters are fueling a boom so big it’s reshaping our climate, our economy, and our geopolitics.

Elise Pepple talks to Christian Wallace, the host of Boomtown and a staff writer for Texas Monthly. They discuss Wallace's upbringing in Andrews, TX, the podcast and the themes that are explored throughout the series.

Then you’ll hear “ The Rise of the Permian,” an episode that tells the story of how this once sparsely populated region of texas became one of the most influential regions in the world. Wallace takes a look at the history of the Santa Rita oil well that launched the first Permian Basin boom and has been fueling the dreams of West Texas wildcatters ever since.

You can listen to Boomtown Apple Podcasts , Spotify , Stitcher , or wherever you get your podcasts.