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That's A Wrap On Summer Shake Up Radio Camp 2019

A crew of 12 elementary school students from Marfa and Alpine joined the staff at Marfa Public Radio this week for all kinds of fun with microphones (and slime).

We started out the week by writing our own own radio biographies and practicing our delivery into the microphone. Then, we sang a lot of karaoke. A surprise favorite was Toto's Africa. Marfa Public Radio's staff was impressed that the kids knew most of the words already.

Tuesday, we played an intense game of soccer. The Rainbows ultimately defeated the Wildcats, but it was a hard-fought match. Thankfully, our commentators and photojournalists captured the details along the way.

Wednesday, we recorded our music show -- the Marfa Mystery Hour: Summer Shake Up Edition. Our student DJs picked out their songs and read their bios on air. Tune into the audio at the top of this page to listen to the show -- including a sound reel from karaoke and soccer, as well as a special ASMR segment.

On our final day, we started the morning making slime -- a popular activity among the group's ASMR enthusiasts. We wrapped by walking over to Pizza Foundation -- where Saarin and Ronnie taught us how to make their famous pies. While we ate, we listened to our music show on Marfa Public Radio's airwaves.

Thanks to Reyna, Tayvian, Bixby, Matilda, Mabel, Colette, Clegg, Zoey, Giselle, Amaya, Lauren, and Leon for such a fun week!

Sally Beauvais is a reporter at Marfa Public Radio.