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Introducing "Texas Standard" - News, Arts & Culture By Texans, For Texans


There's a new weekday news, arts and culture program coming to the West Texas airwaves - Texas Standard.

Produced at KUT in Austin, with collaboration from public radio stations in big cities and small towns across the state, Texas Standard brings West Texas listeners a new source for expansive coverage of statewide, national and international news - from a distinctly Texan perspective.

Starting on Monday, March 2 - Texas Independence Day - you can catch the show live each weekday from 10 - 11 am.

In addition to carrying the program, we'll also be regularly contributing to it - bringing the sounds, stories and unique personalities of West Texas to listeners across the state.

So, you're probably wondering: "What does that mean for <a href="" target="_blank" link-data="{&quot;link&quot;:{&quot;attributes&quot;:[],&quot;linkText&quot;:&quot;Talk at Ten?&quot;,&quot;target&quot;:&quot;NEW&quot;,&quot;url&quot;:&quot;;,&quot;_id&quot;:&quot;00000184-80f0-d6f8-a1cf-b6f4badf0004&quot;,&quot;_type&quot;:&quot;ff658216-e70f-39d0-b660-bdfe57a5599a&quot;},&quot;_id&quot;:&quot;00000184-80f0-d6f8-a1cf-b6f4badf0005&quot;,&quot;_type&quot;:&quot;809caec9-30e2-3666-8b71-b32ddbffc288&quot;}">Talk at Ten?</a>"

Long-form interviews with community members, local organizations and interesting people from far and wide have been a staple of Marfa Public Radio since we launched - so that's not going away.

<i>Talk at Ten&nbsp;</i>will be re-branded as&nbsp; <i>West Texas Talk -&nbsp;</i>and will continue at its <a href="" target="_blank" link-data="{&quot;link&quot;:{&quot;attributes&quot;:[],&quot;linkText&quot;:&quot;6:30 PM slot&quot;,&quot;target&quot;:&quot;NEW&quot;,&quot;url&quot;:&quot;;,&quot;_id&quot;:&quot;00000184-80f0-d6f8-a1cf-b6f4badf0006&quot;,&quot;_type&quot;:&quot;ff658216-e70f-39d0-b660-bdfe57a5599a&quot;},&quot;_id&quot;:&quot;00000184-80f0-d6f8-a1cf-b6f4badf0007&quot;,&quot;_type&quot;:&quot;809caec9-30e2-3666-8b71-b32ddbffc288&quot;}">6:30 PM slot</a> every weekday.

In the meantime, you can <a href="" target="_blank" link-data="{&quot;link&quot;:{&quot;attributes&quot;:[],&quot;linkText&quot;:&quot;check out&quot;,&quot;target&quot;:&quot;NEW&quot;,&quot;url&quot;:&quot;;,&quot;_id&quot;:&quot;00000184-80f0-d6f8-a1cf-b6f4badf0008&quot;,&quot;_type&quot;:&quot;ff658216-e70f-39d0-b660-bdfe57a5599a&quot;},&quot;_id&quot;:&quot;00000184-80f0-d6f8-a1cf-b6f4badf0009&quot;,&quot;_type&quot;:&quot;809caec9-30e2-3666-8b71-b32ddbffc288&quot;}">check out</a> some of the of innovative radio journalism we're bringing to West Texas next week. Our reporters have already&nbsp;been <a href="" target="_blank" link-data="{&quot;link&quot;:{&quot;attributes&quot;:[],&quot;linkText&quot;:&quot;featured&quot;,&quot;target&quot;:&quot;NEW&quot;,&quot;url&quot;:&quot;;,&quot;_id&quot;:&quot;00000184-80f0-d6f8-a1cf-b6f4bae00000&quot;,&quot;_type&quot;:&quot;ff658216-e70f-39d0-b660-bdfe57a5599a&quot;},&quot;_id&quot;:&quot;00000184-80f0-d6f8-a1cf-b6f4bae00001&quot;,&quot;_type&quot;:&quot;809caec9-30e2-3666-8b71-b32ddbffc288&quot;}">featured</a> on the program in recent weeks.

Hosted by award-winning journalist and former Marketplace host David Brown, Texas Standard explores the world of news, economics, innovation and culture in a contemporary, conversational and distinctly Texan style.

"When we listen to the news, many of us feel like it's shaped by a New York or a Washington, D.C. perspective," says Brown. "Texas Standard is the first daily public radio news magazine to prioritize local, national and international stories in a manner that's consistent with the way we Texans see the world."

"Our intent is to be fresh, original and groundbreaking," Brown says. "We believe that reporting marked by wit, humor and informality can uplift and underscore our shared humanity, while helping us understand the world around us."

Prior to his work with Texas Standard, Brown founded and hosted the award-winning cultural journalism unit  Texas Music Matters. He's known nationally for his work as host of  Marketplace.