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Presidio County Auditor Resigns

Rick Herrman, Presidio County Auditor (Travis Bubenik)

Update: Tuesday, 4 PM: Judge Roy Ferguson announced he would be seeking "a qualified successor" to Rick Herrman, who resigned as Auditor of Presidio County on Friday.

Monday, September 22: KRTS News has learned that Rick Herrman, the Fort Davis resident who was assigned by Judge Roy Ferguson as Presidio County Auditor, resigned his position. He’s held that post for about four months, since he was appointed in June by the Texas's 394th Judicial District Court.

Herrman led a new office – called the Office of Budget Management. The role was created after the county received an adverse opinion in its 2012 fiscal audit. At that time, the 2013 audit was incomplete.

Herrman came to the job after 40 years of experience in finance, banking, and accounting. Back in May, Herrman told the Big Bend Sentinel, “The job is to protect the public’s purse.”

But it hasn’t gone smoothly. His very appointment caused some contention within the courthouse and budget discussions over the past few weeks have not gone well and appear to have opened up some divides among county commissioners.

Herrman declined to comment on his resignation.

An additional budget hearing will take place today in Marfa. The budget is schedule to be ratified tomorrow.

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