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Authorities say Midland Shooting Suspect Fired Shots at Border Patrol Agents

Terrell County, TX, where Wiley was believed to have been spotted and pursued by Border Patrol Agents. (Wikimedia Commons)

Update: Wednesday, July 2nd

Authorities have released more details on the arrest of a man suspected of killing one woman and critically injuring a man in a Midland shooting over the weekend.

U.S. Customs & Border Protection says 48-year-old Carl Wayne Wiley was arrested Monday afternoon after Border Patrol agents spotted a truck they believe he stole from a Sanderson ranch.

Agents witnessed the truck turn around and head toward Comstock (outside of Del Rio) just before a Border Patrol checkpoint on Highway 90 - the vehicle was later spotted just outside of Comstock and agents attempted to pull the vehicle over.

The CBP says Wiley fled and abandoned the stolen truck as agents gave pursuit. Authorities also say Wiley fired several shots at the agents, but was cornered and arrested shortly thereafter without further incident.

Wiley had originally escaped into rugged country outside of Sanderson after evading Border Patrol agents in another brief car chase on Sunday afternoon. He faces homicide charges in Midland and charges of assaulting a federal officer.

Update: Tuesday, July 1st

The man suspected of killing one person and critically injuring another in a shooting on Saturday in Midland has been arrested by Border Patrol agents near a checkpoint in Comstock, TX, just outside of Del Rio.

U.S. Marshals were called into the assist with the search - a spokesperson for that agency says there were reports of gunfire exchanged between Border Patrol agents and the suspect, 48-year-old Carl Wayne Wiley, but nobody was injured during the arrest.

KRTS has not yet learned details about the gunfire, but U.S. Customs & Border Protection and the U.S. Marshals Service will be issuing a joint statement on the arrest later today. We'll update this post with that information when we have it.

Wiley was being sought by local law enforcement in Terrell County and Midland for a shooting that killed a woman named Latonya Anders and a man named Curtis Stinnett.

Authorities say Wiley fled the Midland area on Saturday and was last seen by two Border Patrol agents who encountered what they believed to be his vehicle. The agents gave pursuit, but Wiley managed to briefly outrun them until he crashed the truck into a ravine and set out on foot.

Original Post

A manhunt is still underway near Sanderson Monday morning for a man suspected of killing one woman and critically injuring another after a shooting in Midland on Saturday.

48-year-old Carl Wayne Wiley is the suspect in the shooting. Border Patrol agents spotted what they believed to be his vehicle about half a mile west of Sanderson Sunday morning.

The vehicle sped off west toward Marathon and managed to outrun the agents before turning off onto a private ranch road about 9 miles west of Sanderson.

Terrell County Sheriff Clint McDonald says he doesn't believe the agents ever actually laid eyes on Wiley, and that he'd already run into the rugged country on foot by the time the agents found his truck abandoned in a ravine.

McDonald says there are likely two options for where Wiley is now.

"Either he's went to ground and is not going to come out until everyone leaves, or he's already out of the area," he says.

McDonald says officers searched all day Sunday and into Sunday night, and some officers worked on night surveillance through the night.

41-year-old Latonya Anders was pronounced dead at the scene of the shooting in Midland, and 52-year-old Curtis Stinnett was taken to Midland Memorial Hospital with life-threatening injuries.

As of Monday morning, Stinnett was still in critical condition at the hospital.

Sara Higgins, the City of Midland's Public Information Officer, says an investigation is still underway, but officers do know some details about the victims and the suspected shooter.

"From what we can tell, the two victims were living in the house where the shooting took place," Higgins says.

Authorities still don't have a motive for the shooting, but they believe Wiley left the scene in what witnesses described as a white Ford truck.

Higgins says though they had identified Wiley as a suspect on Saturday, they didn't release details until yesterday afternoon.

"As soon as we saw he had fled the area, and had traveled quite a ways, it's clear that there's a sense of urgency to looking for him at this point," she says.

Sheriff McDonald says the case is a rare one for Terrell County, especially unusual since Wiley lives, works, and has family in the Midland area.

McDonald also says his department's called every phone in the county advising them of the situation.

The Border Patrol is currently heading up the search. The Midland City Police Department, meanwhile is currently investigating the crime scene there, searching for a motive and asking for tips as to where Wiley might be headed.

Midland City Police can be contacted at 432-685-7108

The Terrell County Sheriff's Office can be reached at 432-345-2525

Travis Bubenik is All Things Considered Host and Big Bend Reporter at Marfa Public Radio.