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Wildfire in Davis Mountains spreads across 2,000 acres

Solar Park Fire - Coyne Gibson.jpg
Coyne Gibson
The Solar Park Fire in the Davis Mountains, as seen on Sunday, Feb. 26.

Firefighters are working to contain a wildfire in Jeff Davis County that was sparked by downed power linesover the weekend.

The wildfire, dubbed the Solar Park Fire, is burning through rugged and remote terrain in the Davis Mountains. As of Monday afternoon, fire officials estimated the fire had spread across 2,000 acres and was 10% contained.

According to Jim Fowler, the spokesperson for the Fort Davis Fire Department, it’s not clear how long it will take to get the fire under control, but he said crews are "gearing up for a multi-day effort."

“It will all depend on what resources we can get, where we can deploy them and how effective they are," said Fowler. "If we cannot get it fully contained by Thursday then we have potential for a breakout.”

Carlos Morales
Marfa Public Radio
Electrical crews make repairs on Monday to a downed power line in the Davis Mountains that started the Solar Park Fire.

The National Weather Service is predicting "strong, damaging" winds could sweep through the Big Bend region by Thursday, which could cause the wildfire to spread even further.

Fire crews are currently focusing on preventing the blaze from moving into hard to reach areas in the mountain range.

Fowler said, "The main concern is the fire getting into the heavier canyons to the east, which will be more difficult to fight."

Multiple fire crews are responding to the Solar Park Fire, including Texas Forest Service firefighters.

As of Monday, Fowler said additional ground support from the state has been requested to help battle the blaze.

Carlos Morales is Marfa Public Radio's News Director.