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FBI Director James Comey at the University of Texas Austin 3-23-2017

FBI Director James Comey ; Federal Bureau of Investigation [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

FBI Director James Comey was a keynote speaker at a conference on intelligence gathering and cyber security at the University of Texas at Austin March 23 2017.

His remarks were delivered three days after testifying on Capitol Hill about the bureau's current investigation of possible ties between the campaign of then-candidate Donald Trump and Russian operatives known to U.S. intelligence.

Comey refused to elaborate on his comments before the U.S. House Intelligence Committee. Nor would he comment on his pre-election statements about Hillary Clinton's emails that many Democrats blame for Clinton's election loss, given the timing of the statements and their proximity to Election Day.

In his remarks, Comey lays out the FBI's current priorities, in particular the phenomenon of cyber threats lodged against the United States.