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Zipora Fried Opens Show at Marfa Contemporary after Renovation

Drawing by Zipora Fried.

Marfa Contemporary welcomes artist Zipora Fried to their recently renovated gallery space in Marfa, Texas. It is one of many art openings in town during Chinati Weekend.

On a rainy afternoon, Zipora Fried introduces her exhibit, which is called "Some Things Have Meaning, Others Don't."

"This is the first art show since the space has been renovated," explains Natalie Roncone, director of Marfa Contemporary. "Perhaps the most important thing was to open up our education space, which was formerly the Pizza Foundation, so that we can use that space for education on the artist-in-residence."

Sophie Landres, the exhibit curator, stands in front of a large, dichromatic drawing. "This is actually ultramarine blue and cobalt blue," she says, "so you see the two different colors meet at this low horizon line. These are Zipora's signature marked drawings. She's been working in this style for years. It's an incredibly laborious process. All handmade. These are very short stacked rows of repeated marks. Just one after the other."

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