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City Election Results in Far West Texas

Elections will be held across West Texas on May 4, 2019.

Saturday, May 10 -- Voters cast ballots in municipal elections today, re-electing Mayor Avi Rangra to his seat in Alpine. New council members were elected in Alpine, Marfa, and Presidio.

In Alpine, Rangra received 397 votes, defeating challengers Andy Ramos (250) and Tommy Shane Huffmon (111). Challenger Cynthia Salas toppled Ward 2 incumbent Mike Davidson, by a 114-39 margin, while Ward 4 incumbent Julian Gonzales retained his seat against challengers Shane Green Connor and K.C. Fullwood.

In Marfa city elections, the top three vote-getters were Manny Baeza (157 votes), Genevieve Bassham (156), and Mark Scott (143). Baeza and Bassham, who are incumbents, will be reseated, while challenger Scott will assume the post for the first time. Mary Lou Saxon, with 106 votes, was not elected. Also on the ballot, residents elected to use a portion of sales tax for road repairs, with 192 votes in favor and 24 against.

In Presidio, the top three vote-getters, awarded with two-year terms, were Antonio Manriquez (178 votes), Alcee Tavarez (173), and Oscar Moreno (152). In a special election, Dimetri Garcia will assume a one-year unexpired term, by defeating Obed Escontrias, 227 votes to 110.

Former KRTS/KXWT News Director