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Marfa on 60 Minutes. What do you think? Radio forum on Sunday night.

Photo Credit: Paul Joseph

National media comes to our town, with the broadcast of the 60 Minutes television episode on Marfa, Texas, on CBS News on Sunday night, April 14. The TV program airs at 6pm in West Texas. Flip on your radio following the program to hear reactions from Marfa residents.

According to the CBS News website, promoting the 60 Minutes segment:
Morley Safer finds a rich cultural stew of cowboys and artists mixing it up in a quirky West Texas town in the middle of nowhere.
Following 60 Minutes, please join us on Marfa Public Radio for an hourlong community roundtable, on radio at 7 PM 8 PM. We're calling it Sixty After Sixty.

We want to hear from you. What did you think? Was it a fair assessment of our town? What did the program miss? What did it get right?

Tune in Sunday night at 7 PM 8 PM to hear local reactions on Sixty After Sixty.

UPDATE: The community roundtable has been pushed back one hour, since the 60 Minutes program was pushed back an hour due to the Masters Golf Tournament.

Former KRTS/KXWT News Director