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I’m all crudota from last night


Today’s featured Caló word is cruda. It means hangover. A common Indo-European word, it’s the feminine term for crude — unrefined, and raw. The biggest influence on how this word is used in Caló today is likely the Kaló spoken in Spain, Portugal and Latin America among the Romani. Their lexicon includes a very similar-sounding and related word, curda, which means drunkeness. In Caló, cruda is simply the next state one enters after being drunk. It’s also used as an adjective, as in, she’s quite cruda after drinking bad wine last night.

“Hey! You ok in there, Tita?” Cuito yelled toward his neighbor’s house.

He was concerned that something was wrong because her front door had been left completely open. He first saw it when he walked by in the morning on the way to buy coffee at the gas station.

He kept an eye out, and it was now almost noon with no change and no movement he could see. He noticed that even the crowd of stray cats Tita was fond of feeding seemed abandoned, all of them resting on her front yard looking longingly at the front door waiting for their benefactor to step out at any second. A few of them dared to peek in briefly and quickly trotted back to the front yard as if expecting Tita to shoo them out.

“Eeee que sura all those cats hanging out all morning in Tita’s yard,” Cuito thought.

Finally at noon when there was no more shade, he decided to do something.

“Hey, hey, Tita. You there? Your front door’s been open all morning — maybe all night," he went on. "The only reason nobody’s gone in is cuz your sura cats,”

Eventually Tita went to the front door and looked out. All the cats stood up an meowed, surely thinking things had turned up.

Tita looked out from just inside and said, “who’s that yelling?”

“It’s me, esa,” I just wanted to see if you were in and were ok," said Cutio. "It seemed strange your front door was wide open."

“Pos I’m in, but I’m all cruda cuz that güero boyfriend I kicked out came by and made me drink wine,” said Tita.

“Oh, he’s back. No you kicked him out?” said Cuito.

“Pos, sí, he came back and tried to sweet talk me,” said Tita.

“And he made you drink? Y your 45 didn’t work or qué?” Cuito teased her.

“Oh it works fine de a madres. But I only drink tequila or beer, and he didn’t bring any of that. So I had to drink his wine. Now I regret it,” said Tita.

“You should have some menudo for the cruda,” said Cuito.

“That doesn’t work on me. Should’ve known better. Should’ve told him to ponerle back to his chante before we finished the bottle. Now I’m all crudota,” said Tita.

“Ah, so he’s coming back?” said Cuito.

“No sé. Who knows how I left it with that sonso. But if he does, I’m gonna give him a cato for leaving the door open,” Tita said and slammed her door shut.

Oscar Rodriguez is the creator and host of Caló.