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Japanese Sound Artists Aki Onda & Akio Suzuki

Akio Suzuki and Aki Onda (Diana Nguyen for KRTS/KXWT)

Japanese sound artists Aki Onda and Akio Suzuki discuss their practice, influences, and backgrounds that led them to sound art. Onda explains, "Everybody has memory, so in a sense, the audience or listeners, they take my sound as they like. They try to link their memory to my sound, because it's pretty much abstract."

Marfa Live Arts will host Aki Onda and Akio Suzuki in Marfa on their North American tour fu-rai. On October 25 from 6 to 7:30 pm, The artists will hold and interactive workshop discussing principles of site-specific performance. Participants are invited to bring their own instruments and perform alongside the artists at the historic Marfa Stockyards.
"On Thursday, October 26th, Suzuki and Onda will perform at Saint George Hall utilizing unconventional and self-made instruments including analog cassette Walkmans and radios, found pieces of wood, nails, hammers, buckets, marbles, and glass jars, allowing the individual architecture and acoustics of the site to guide the flow and development of the performance."

More information about Marfa Live Arts and both events can be found here.

"Ta Bi No Ha Zi Ma Ri" and "Do Ko Ka Ra" are tracks from the duo's 2014 album  Ma ta ta Bi.

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