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Psychologist Dr. Doug Lisle on Food Addiction and Biology

Dr. Doug Lisle

Dr. Doug Lisle is a clinical psychologist and author of The Pleasure Trap. His work suggests increasing consumption of whole starches and reducing high-fat animal food products are key to successful, healthy diets. Lisle explains that whole starches like potatoes, rice, oats, and beans are the bedrock of human civilization. However, the prevalence of high-calorie foods makes it difficult to consume items consistent with human natural history.

Lisle says, "Human beings, if they eat a diet consistent with their natural history, they will be fit, they will be thin, they will be as beautiful or handsome as they can be."

Dr. Lisle will speak at this year's "Food is Medicine" seminar that will take place at the Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center on August 12. Other speakers include Dr. Scott Stoll, Dr. Michael Greger, and dietitian Brenda Davis. The seminar is hosted by the organization Healthy City, whose mission is "to raise awareness about a whole, plant-based foods diet and increase education on how to improve overall health and prevent and reverse the most common disease processes."

More information about the seminar can be found here.



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