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Freedom Solar's Craig Hawker on Solar in West Texas

The Alamo 4 plant in Brackettville, TX ; via

On this edition of West Texas Talk, Jackson sits down with Craig Hawker, a solar energy consultant with Austin-based freedom Solar Power, to discuss the benefits of solar, the installation process, and how the general upkeep of solar panels is easier than many imagine.

In collaboration with the Judd Foundation, Marfa Solar System and Ballroom Marfa, Craig will be speaking tomorrow (8/4) evening about the benefits of renewable energy, regional solar rebates, and solar power technology in the Ballroom courtyard.

The event starts at 6 pm and is open to the public.

*It is mentioned by the interviewee that Freedom Solar is the first company to make solar available in the region - this is not true, there are several companies (including Compass Electrical Services, Fine Lines Solar Design & Installation, and Alpine Solar Sales) who have been offering solar installation in the region over the past years.

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