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Shara and Mona do Improv!

Diana Nguyen, Zoe Kurland, Shara Tonn, Mona Thompson, and Suzy Simon

On this episode of West Texas Talk, Diana Nguyen and Zoe Kurland sit down in the studio with Shara Ton and Mona Thompson, two full-time improvisors taking a road trip through the country. Mona talks about her improv company in the Bay Area and the process of teaching Silicon Valley Tech Moguls how to be human. Shara speaks on her radical career shift from writing sex tips in Men's Health Magazine to going to clown school in San Francisco and how she feels about the widespread fear of clowns. In this talk, you will hear about the history of clowning, what life looks like as a full-time improvisor, and what Diana and Zoe sound like counting to three back and forth.

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