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Preview of "Ranch Day" at Donald Judd's "Casa Perez" in Presidio County

The late Donald Judd's "Casa Perez" ranch house in Presidio County. (Judd Foundation)

Over the past couple years, the Judd Foundation in Marfa has been increasingly opening up one of the late artist Donald Judd's ranch homes in Presidio County.

"Casa Perez", as its called, is located off a rough, unpaved stretch off Ranch Road 2810 in the Chinati Mountains area known as "Pinto Canyon Road." After acquiring the property, Judd named the house in honor of the Perez family, who had worked the ranch in the 1940's.

The foundation's Director of Marfa Programs, Caitlin Murray, joined us for the episode, along with Historian Lonn Taylor, to talk about the historic of the ranch and the Big Bend region as a whole ahead of Sunday's open house event at Casa Perez.

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