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Stewart Ramser, Drive Big Bend Wheelman

(Courtesy of Blake Burwell/Drive Big Bend)

Drive Big Bend is to cars, says Stewart Ramser on West Texas Talk, as last weekend's Viva Big Bend was to music.

Ramser, who is responsible for both festivals, describes Drive Big Bend from the get-go as a celebration of automobiles and cruising West Texas roads just as Viva Big Bend was a celebration of the Texas Americana and roots scenes. He also talks about the origins of the three-day event, the region's defining automobile, and how to get dozens of cars parked on a field in an orderly fashion.

Drive Big Bend happens Thursday through Saturday, and Marfa Public Radio will be hosting a happy hour from 7:00pm to 8:30pm on Friday in conjuction with the USO Building.

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