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Our Sports Correspondent Luca Haines Up-Close at the Tour De France

Luca Haines cycles in the French countryside along the road used by the elite class of riders in the Tour De France, Summer 2015. (Photo by Tom Haines).

Who knows sports better than a teenage boy? That's a good question. At Marfa Public Radio, we believe experts come in all shapes and sizes, and for the past five years, Luca Haines, now 13, has been providing us commentary on international sporting events.

Today he's our guest on West Texas Talk, with a look back at the Tour De France, the world's most famous bike race, which ended this weekend. Luca, a former resident and frequent visitor to West Texas, is now 13 years old and living in New England. An avid cyclist, he traveled to France to see the Tour De France up-close and in-person - standing roadside as the world's best athletes whizzed by him. In our conversation, he shares his excitement about those moments and offers commentary on the top finishers.

We've spoken to Luca in the past about soccer’s World Cup and Major League Baseball, among other major events. Here's a summary of our conversation; the full interview is podcast above.

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