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Singer-Songwriter Nick Jaina Talks about his Memoir, "Get It While You Can"

Nick Jaina at Marfa Public Radio Studios (Ryan Lentini/KRTS)

On Today's West Texas Talk, Nick Jaina joins us in Marfa Public Radio studios to talk about his music and his recently released memoir, Get It While You Can

Nick is a veteran singer-songwriter from Portland, Oregon who has released a string of acclaimed records over the past decade. In addition to this, Jaina has composed the music for three ballets, co-founded Satelite Ballet and Collective in New York City, and started his own podcast.  Get It While You Can, released by Perfect Day Publishing, is his first foray into book writing, and has garnered considerable praise.

Nick is in Marfa as part of a house-show tour. His performances mix readings, music and found sounds to create what has been described as an "audio scrapbook." He will be performing at 1005 West Washington Street in Marfa on Tuesday Night, 7PM.

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