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CineMarfa: Directors Camilo Gonzalez & Peter Lucas

Film still from "One Small Step"

Directors Camilo Gonzalez and Peter Lucas join host K. Yoland in the studio to discuss their two films ONE SMALL STEP and VOYAGER FOUND, which are screening this Friday 1pm at the Crowley Theater.

In ONE SMALL STEP, Lucas and Gonzalez rework footage from NASA’s Apollo moon missions for a poetic homage to humanity’s first journeys away from its home planet. VOYAGER FOUND is an experimental assemblage of the contents of the Voyager “Golden Record” – a collection launched into space in 1977 as a message to potential extraterrestrial life. The collection also includes related sound works and imagery, assembled especially for this screening.

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The CineMarfa Film Festival runs May 7 - May 10. For more information on films and times please go to their schedule.


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