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Dancing with the Grim Reaper: Preparing for Death and Dying

Rev. Carolyn Metzler in the Marfa Public Radio Studio. (KTRS/ Anna Rose MacArthur)

Rev. Carolyn W. Metzler joins host Anna Rose MacArthur in a conversation about preparing for the end of life.

Rev. Metzler describes how preparing for death frees people from fear and allows them "to get on with the business of living." She also discusses how settling your end of life wishes offers "an act of love" to your family and friends.

Rev. Metzler is the priest in charge of the Big Bend Episcopal Mission. She will lead a forum on the subject called "Dancing with the Grim Reaper" this Saturday February 21 at St. James Episcopal Church in Alpine, Texas. The program is part of the John Anderson Lecture Series.

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