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TAAK presents Summer School Marfa Second Edition


Renee Ridgeway, Lindsey White, Sarah Jones, and Theo Tegelaers join us in the studio to promote "TAAK presents Summer School Marfa Second Edition".  The program finds twenty young artists and their instructors here for a three-week field trip and fieldwork studio through June 13.  This interview includes five art pieces, perceivable by sound;
I.  Donald Judd - Future Shark by Gerard Ortin and Remur Puscarui
II.   The time which is by Sarah Jones
III. Untitled by Gerard Ortin
VI.  Prolouge by Alice Gancevici and Remur Puscarui
V.  Hypnosis a skript by Magna F. Birnir, nurse MSc, clinical hypnotist & Jóhanna Helga, visual artist.  Read by  Magna F. Birnir and Commissioned by Arnar Ásgeirsson, a visual artist.

To follow TAAK Summer School Marfa’s visit learn.taak.me

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