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Bob Hanson, Member of WWII Sea Wolf Submarine


Bob Hanson, a former navy mariner, talks to KRTS about his experiences serving 9 patrols on the famous Seawolf  Submarine and 4 patrols on the Guitarro, whilst  fighting in the second world war. Bob was known as Little Swede Hanson on the Seawolf submarine and he is the last surviving member of its original crew.

The Seawolf Park in Galveston Texas is a memorial to the lost submarines of the second world war. It’s named in recognition and honour of the submarine Seawolf also known as the SS-197. This submarine was lost October 1944 to tragic circumstances when it was mistakenly thought to be the enemy by the United States’s very own destroyer escort Richard M. Rowell. 99 men including enlisted men, officers and an elite army unit called the Alamo Scouts died on the submarine, which is now located 2 miles under water.

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