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Stomach Club and DueMolly Discuss Their Unlikely Musical Collaboration

Warren Acosta (right) at Marfa Public Radio on a previous visit in 2013 with Brian LeBarton, who produced and released his early material.

KRTS DJ and long-time professional musician Brian LeBarton and rapping Marfa High student Warren Acosta join us on Talk at Ten to discuss their serendipitous meeting and musical collaboration. Acosta, aka DueMolly, performs Thursday evening (April 2) at 8 PM at the Annex, a new venue space next to the radio station.

LeBarton has also performed with FeistCat Power, Beck, Adele, Charlotte Gainsbourgh, and the Watson Twins. He recently taught Marfa Synth, a series of classes on the synthesizer at the Marfa Book Company, which he previewed here. The KRTS DJ has hosted Generator on Marfa Public Radio on Friday nights at 10 PM for the past 5 years.


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