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Peter Behrens

Peter Behrens in the Big Bend region in the mid-1980s

Local and national officials are preparing for next year's re-opening of the Boquillas border crossing - across the Rio Grande River - between Boquillas, Mexico, and Big Bend National Park, in Texas. The period of public comment concludes on Wednesday. KRTS speaks with Rawles Williams about how people on both sides of the border are preparing for changes.

KRTS also speaks with author Peter Behrens, a winter Marfa resident, who lives in Maine, and who decades ago, worked on the Rio Grande River. Recalling an earlier crossing at Boquillas, he reads his short story, "Night In a Village," first published in his collection Night Driving (1988). The story is set in the mid-80s in Boquillas, Coh., Mexico.

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