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There's Something Out There

Marfa Public Radio presents There's Something Out There, a radio documentary series about the strange things that happen in everyday life.

Latest Episodes
  • Carlos and Drew were on a road trip back to Marfa from California when they spotted a mysterious light as they were close to their destination.
  • It was a cold and windy night when Jennie Lyn first stayed at Building 98. She was awoken by some strange sounds that she still has not forgotten.
  • Known as “La Llorona” in Mexican folklore, the ghost of the wailing woman haunts rivers, creaks and streets, depending on who you ask. This popular myth…
  • Billy finally saved enough money to move his family from a trailer to a house in West Texas. He thought he left his problems behind... until some of them…
  • Marfa residents Alice Quinlan and TK Croft were on their way back from the Border Zone UFO festival in Presidio, Texas when they saw a mysterious green…