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Episode 4: The Longest Shortest Day

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Zoe Kurland

As a visitor to Marfa, your days might fly by, but when you live here, time passes differently.

Marfa is in the middle of the desert. If you stand anywhere and just look out, the land and enormous sky stretch out in every direction as far as the eye can see. The remoteness of it all can make time feel like it’s not passing here. It’s a palpable feeling that’s also so abstract, it's indescribable – like there must be some German word for it.

Producer Zoe Kurland had an existential crisis because of this phenomenon. You know how when you think about breathing, it gets harder to breathe? For her, it was like that, but with time.

In this episode, Zoe brings you inside the longest shortest West Texas day.

This episode was produced by Zoe Kurland, Sally Beauvais, and Elise Pepple.

Music from W. Creeves and The Internet Archive.

Zoe Kurland is a senior producer at Marfa Public Radio.
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