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Our "New Home on the Range"

[gallery ids="26211,26208,26213,21791,21789,21827,26209,26210,22676,26212,21372,21718"] The Marfa Public Radio network has moved into our "New Home on the Range" - our new studios at 106 E. San Antonio Street in Marfa. The move began in November 2014 and was mostly finished by the end of January 2015. Some finishing touches continue. The quick relocation is a result of downtown redevelopment that led to an early end to our lease at our old location on Highland Avenue. Your continued financial support of this station makes this kind of growth possible. With the new studios, we hope to expand our independent news coverage of Far West Texas, and dig deeper into the issues that effect your daily life. Click here to support these efforts, or find out more about our vehicle donation program here, and stop by and see us! [iframe src="" width="540" height="400"] Facts about the new space - More room: 2,600 square feet! - Lower, below-market rent - a smart use of your membership dollars - Locally-designed by Peter Stanley of Marfa, with lead assistance from Greenworks P. L.L.C. of Marfa - Highly-visible location along US 90, popular West Texas travel route - Incredible neighbors! Marfa Studio of Arts, Ballroom Marfa, and Marfa Contemporary nearby How YOU can help:Renew your membership! Moving isn't cheap, and your membership contributions are essential to helping us offset the costs of the move, and to achieve the equipment upgrades we hope to in the future. - Become a sustaining member of Marfa Public Radio. Sustaining memberships help us plan and invest in long-term strategies for expanding our news coverage and cultural programming. - Put your name on the building! Let all of West Texas know how much you value public radio and nonprofit news - consider sponsoring our "New Home on the Range" for years to come. (Email General Manager Elise Pepple for more information -