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Meet the DJs at Marfa Public Radio

David Beebe
Night Train Express

David Beebe is a former full-time musician born in Houston. A UT Austin graduate, he is currently an elected official in Presidio County and is head cook at Hombres burgers and BBQ. He is a lover of the Big Bend and the border.

He hosts Night Train Express, a mix of R&B, soul and jazz — which he describes as grown folks music, late into the night.

Julie Bernal
Old's Cool & The Oldies Show

Julie Bernal is a child of the sixties. Grom playing air guitar on a tennis racket along to her parents’ oldies records as a youngster to jamming out to cassettes in her ’76 Mercury in high school, music has always played a big role in her life. She programs the Oldies Show to invoke a strong feeling of nostalgia, being most excited about those songs that you haven’t thought about in years but instantly take you back. She likes to pick songs around a theme that can be as random as songs that feature hand claps to ones with commonly misheard lyrics.

David Branch
Honky Tonk Happy Hour

Originally from Richmond, Virginia (which is more country than a Texan might imagine, or Southern at the very least) Mr. Branch found his way west, and west some more with some dozen years as an adopted Texan, now at the far reaches of that Republic. Among further undisclosed talents and interests he has been spinning an enthusiastic assortment of country, western, swing and associated records on his show, Honky Tonk Happy Hour, weekly at KRTS since 2009.

Michael Camacho
The Rock Pillow

Having been born in the metal capital of the United States (San Antonio, Texas) and having honed his listening and mixed CD skills in the uniquely musical city of Austin, DJ Michael Camacho P.E. (aka DJ emcee PE) brings his 1000+ vinyl record collection with him to every show for Marfa Public Radio's listeners' enjoyment. The show puts MPR listeners to sleep, as Camacho drops the needle on classic rock, metal, and punk records.

Primo Carrasco & Tim Johnson
Dos Horas con Primo

Primo Carrasco & Tim Johnson co-host Dos Horas con Primo.

Una Hora Con Primo is a Spanish language radio program featuring music from several different genres, but featuring norteño, conjunto, bolero, tejano, tex-mex, and borderlands music.

Daniel Chamberlin
Interdimensional Music

Daniel Chamberlin is an artist and writer based at the Indianapolis Zen Center. Interdimensional Music features heavy-mellow vibes on the Far West Texas airwaves since 2010. It’s a freeform mix of classic New Age, contemporary ambient, psychedelic drone, Indian ragas, field recordings, dharma talks, and cosmic metal.

Laurel Coniglio
Other Side of Nowhere

Coniglio has been hosting Other Side of Nowhere from 10 pm to 12 am every Friday since May 2017. She loves the power of radio to entertain and inspire and plays the best of classic country, soul, rock’n’roll, and more.

When not working at the radio station or various establishments around the Big Bend, you can find her adventuring around the desert, cooking for a crowd of hungry partygoers, or running a tight tumbleweed eradication program at her neo-pioneer homestead in Valentine, TX.

Carol Fairlie
World Music

With the influence of her European Husband, Jiri, Carol Fairlie spends her summers in Europe, traveling to music festivals and venues looking for interesting sounds and artists to share with West Texas. Her show, World Music, features multiethnic music from Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Mostly acoustic new releases and contemporary classics!

Nick Hurt
In Tune

Nick Hurt grew up in Austin, Texas swimming in Barton Springs and playing a Stratocaster.  As a kid, Nick played in bands that gigged around Austin in venues that are now just fond memories.  He also drove around the country in a van and made records with his band, Speak.  For college, Nick decided to become a nerd and focused on the classical guitar and classical music at the University of Texas.  Nick now lives in Marfa where he plays guitar, teaches guitar, sings with Janelle, and serves food at Stellina.  He also hosts a classical music show on Marfa Public Radio called  In Tune. In Tune asks the question – “what is classical music?” – by exploring the diverse, sometimes confounding genre of classical music through themes and history.

Lisa Kettyle
From the Porch

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Lisa Kettyle got to Texas as fast as she could. Over the last decade, she has spent many evenings on porches and in venues enjoying good company and live, independent music. From the Porch is a radio program that pays homage to the porch in Terlingua. Featuring musicians that live, write, and tour in Far West Texas, the program spans multiple genres, with a heavy focus on independent singer/songwriters and rock.

Billy and Joni Marginot
Rock-a-Billy I

Billy likes to have fun and play music. He has never thought about writing a bio, but he hosts Rock-a-Billy with sister Jo ni, an hour of rockabilly music, the genre most often considered the foundations for rock n’ roll.

Joe Nick Patoski
Texas Music Hour of Power

Joe Nick Patoski is writer, a filmmaker, and he has been writing about Texas and Texans for over 45 years. Every Saturday night, his show, Texas Music Hour of Power, showcases all kinds of Texas sounds recorded over the past century of recorded music. Genres include indigenous music, including Western swing, hillbilly, TexMex, Tejano, Cajunto, swamp pop, Cajun, zydeco, and much more.

Dan Shiman
Lost Frequencies

Dan Shiman is a Pennsylvania-born seven-year Marfa resident, archivist, flaneur and collector fixated on the 20th century's recorded riches. Lost Frequencies is audio escapism to a parallel universe of modern jazz, Latin sounds, atmospheric exotica and soundtrack moods, soul anthems, hypnotic R&B and blues, instrumental weirdness and electronic creaking.

JP Schwartz
Far Out West Texas Blue Monday Show

J.P. Schwartz has a medical practice in Marfa, but before switching to pre-med, he was a music major for his first two years of college. Back in Freeport, Texas, where he grew up, he was in a garage band and in a 10-piece soul band. He has stayed active in music plays keyboards, guitar, harmonica, writes and performs songs both solo and with various bands that come to the region. For the last 9 years, J.P. has been hosting the  Far Out West Texas Blue Monday Show, playing blues and learning about the genres complex and historically-charged roots, through slavery, emancipation, Jim Crow, integration and to the present state.

“KRTS is the radio station is the kind of station I always dreamed about. It’s a community of it’s own, serving a vital need in an area of rugged individuals and maybe the last of it’s kind.” —J.P. Schwartz

Late Night with Lady C brings you musical excavations from around the world -- every Saturday from 9 until midnight.

Though her origins are relatively unknown, it is believed that Aja Chanticleer was born in Ambrosia sometime in the mid to late-1970s. Aja got her first taste of the music industry while working as the youngest ever production manager for the Doobie Brothers Cycles Tour in 1989. After a five year long stint as grounds supervisor (and holistic DJ) at the Salzman Institute, Aja began DJing the houseboat party circuit along the Central Coast of California. Eventually tiring of the sea, Aja uprooted to the desert of West Texas, where she has hosted Late Night with Lady C since 2017.