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Marfa Public Radio School Announces Inaugural Podcast Cohort

Marfa Public Radio School is hosting its first podcasting training workshop this weekend. The virtual workshop will run from Friday, June 25th through Tuesday, June 29th.

Our cities and towns are humming with stories. The link to getting those stories into our ears and our hearts is creating training opportunities. This podcast workshop is the first offering of Marfa Public Radio School.
Marfa Public Radio's vision is to be a rural lab for content, training, and live events for West Texans.

Meet the participants of this year's Podcast 101 cohort:

Barb Anguiano

Barb first met audio storytelling in college — and it was love at first listen. Since graduating from Indiana University’s School of Journalism and the Transom Story Workshop, Barb has been busy reporting on everything from immigration to go-kart races, and interviewing anyone with a dog who will stop for two minutes. Before joining Marfa Public Radio, Barb served as Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Health and Science reporter. She’s produced stories for both midwestern airwaves as well as NPR, and is currently in charge of producing 1A’s podcast. Barb is a native Spanish speaker and would love to one day create a masterpiece in her native tongue.

Oscar Rodriguez

Oscar is a Native West Texan currently living in Santa Fe, NM, where he works as the CFO for an entity that banks public works projects for municipalities, counties, tribes, and water districts. He has deep and extensive roots on both sides of the Texas-Chihuahua-New Mexico border. Oscar attended school in Odessa when schools were racially segregated, and earned a bachelor's from Harvard College and a master's degree from MIT. He writes and produces Caló, a program about on the border patois, which Marfa Public Radio broadcasts. Oscar hopes Caló will become so cool that even non-Hispanic kids pick up some of the words and expressions. Through this workshop, Oscar hopes to someday produce a podcast of a radio novella he used to produce.

Jasmine Aguilera

Jasmine Aguilera is a staff writer at TIME Magazine where she covers immigration and the U.S.-Mexico border. She is originally from El Paso, Texas, and graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso in 2016. Her reporting has appeared in The Dallas Morning News, The New York Times, NowThis, Latino Rebels, and more.

Elizabeth Lujan

Elizabeth is a Brooklyn native turned full blown Texan. She teaches English, instructs yoga, and coaches dance in Midland, TX.

Danielle Demetria East

Danielle Demetria East is a an interdisciplinary artist and community organizer based in Lubbock, Texas. East is one of the four artists-in-residence at the Charles Adams Studio Project and the founder and director of East Lubbock Art House.

Martha Irasema Beltran Isaak

Martha is a graphic designer born and raised in Mexico City, now based in Ojinaga. She has been working at La KeBuena 97.7 FM in Ojinaga, MX since last year. This job has allowed her to approach a new experience and learnings. She is the kind of person who likes to learn new stuff frequently. She has a big imagination that she tries to keep active through readings, films, art, and listening to other people. Martha is a cat lover, and believes there's a connection among humans and animals.

Karima Boukary

Karima is a public health graduate student with a passion for transforming cultural narratives and reforming social policies around mental healthcare.

Stella Hartmann

Stella is Tanzanian + Colombian and first gen American. Storytelling has always been a cathartic and self motivating constant in her life. She is a podcast producer, mixer, and editor. Most recent projects include production for the Moonbeaming podcast, Ask a Sub podcast, and Mia Schachter. At times she is a DJ for Marfa Public Radio and writer for the activist platform, In This Together LA.

RJ Junto

RJ lives in Austin, TX. He grew up in the 80's and has been a fan of radio from an early age. He has a deep love and appreciation for public broadcasting and is a supporter of stations across Texas and beyond. You can catch him daydreaming in the Texas Hill Country or painting murals across town.

Jose Francisco Fonseco

Jose is a mechanic, writer, Iraq vet, and taco lover.