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In Big Bend, A New Group Forms To Help Self-Isolating West Texans Get Supplies

By Carlos Morales

As the coronavirus spreads throughout Texas—with more cases expected as the state's capacity to test for the virus increases—a group of West Texans is looking to help those who are practicing social distancing or self-quarantining.

The newly formed Facebook group, Big Bend Area Supply Assistance, is a space where locals can ask for help getting anything from groceries, pet food and medication.

"We have to distance ourselves physically for the health and safety of our entire community," said Kendra DuBois, who started Big Bend Area Supply Assistance. "But if we can maintain and foster that same sense of community that makes this area so wonderful for so many people, that will benefit us all.”

As of this week, over 800 people had joined the group. Most of the people that have commented so far are offering to pick up groceries for self-quarantining individuals. Some have offered up free supplies, like pet food, and others provide updates about how well-stocked certain items are at stores.

"We stocked toilet paper at Family Dollar," reads one post. "While we have no official limits we ask customers to shop responsibly."

Other comments include the stock schedule for certain items at regional stores, like Porters in Alpine.

How It Works

If you need assistance. Here's how DuBois says you can ask for it on the group page.

  • Post comment asking what you're looking for.
  • Someone will reach out via private message to offer to shop for you and drop off.
  • Alternatively, if someone posts a comment saying they're available to help, you can message them directly with a list.
  • Remember that exact brands and quantities may be different, based on availability at the store.
  • The person shopping for you will provide you with the total for the items, and cash or check should be left at the front door to be picked up.
  • Remember to ask for a phone number and address to ensure communication is smooth. 
  • Drop off items at the front door and remember to minimize any contact.

Do you know of other ways West Texans can get assistance during the coronavirus pandemic? Send an email to ""

Carlos Morales is Marfa Public Radio's News Director.