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Marfa Public Radio 2020 Overall Excellence Murrow Submission

The overall excellence submissions for Marfa Public Radio feature a range of voices and topics. From two mass shootings to the wonders that drive the curiosity of West Texans, Marfa Public Radio reported on a variety of stories in 2019.

Overall Excellence 2020 Entries – Marfa Public Radio

Jan. 31, 2019 - How Screwed Are You If You Don’t Work In Oil In The Permian Basin? It Depends
It doesn’t take much to see the Permian Basin’s economy is doing pretty well right now. Just look at Midland and Odessa, the two cities’ unemployment rate is around two percent, wages are high and property values are rising. It won’t be a surprise to anyone the reason for this is oil, and if you’re working in the industry you may be doing pretty well. But all of this led one listener to submit this question to our West Texas Wonders series: “If you don’t work in the oil field in Odessa, how screwed are you?”

April 26, 2019 - Through New Exhibit, History Of Marfa’s Latino History Lives On
At a dozen locations around the city, you’ll spot 15 photos. Mostly black-and-white pictures, showing the day-to-day life of kids who went to Blackwell, Marfa’s once segregated school for Mexican-American children.

May 16, 2019 - As Oil Field Workers Flood Balmorhea With RVs, The Small Community’s Economy Is Revitalized
In the middle of the Chihuahuan Desert, at the base of the Davis Mountains, the San Solomon Springs fill a pool at Balmorhea State Park. It’s considered a crown jewel of West Texas and people from all overhead there to swim. But just five miles down the road sits a small community that shares the name Balmorhea. For decades, the sleepy little town relied heavily on the cash spent by tourists. At least it used to. Now, Balmorhea is in the middle of the Permian Basin’s oil boom and the new industry is re-energizing the economy.

May 31, 2019 - Does Looking At Distant Galaxies Give Astronomers A More Chill Perspective On Life? By Sally Beauvais
Do astronomers have a more chill perspective on life — since they spend their time looking at distant galaxies? Marfa Public Radio interviewed astronomers working on the Hobby-Eberly Telescope at McDonald Observatory to find out. Find out about their life philosophies, and their work to better understand one of the universe’s biggest mysteries: dark energy.

Aug. 5, 2019 - ‘The Ellis Island Of The Southwest’: El Paso Residents Remain Proud Of Immigrant Ties
El Paso is a border town with a predominantly Hispanic population and a culture linked to both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. And now the community feels like it is being targeted because of that. 

Aug. 23, 2019 - West Texas Cloud Appreciation: How Do Clouds Form, And What Are Some Identification Tips?
No matter the time of year, the cloud show is always pretty spectacular out here in Big Bend country. Former Marfa resident Adele Powers certainly thinks so. But for her, simply looking at clouds without understanding more about them is not enough. So, as a part of her broader quest to learn more stuff about the natural world around her, she asked, "how and why do clouds form, and are there some easy or basic tips for cloud identification?