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Love On The Range: Dispatches From Valentine's Day 2019

Marfa's 2014 Love Dumpsters. (Tom Michael / Marfa Public Radio)

Thank you to all who submitted Valentine's Day notes, poems, odes, and and loving gripes to Marfa Public Radio's 2019 Love Drive.

Press play to hear recorded valentines from Jose Fonseca, Lonn Taylor, Mary Jane Holmes, Brad Newton, Pam Gaddis, Ruben from Houston, Steven Rodriguez, Russell Murray, Joseph Wilcox, Belle Penny Lancaster, Chris Gonzales, Wild Bill Walker, and John Anderson.

Written messages are below.

From Marisol de Leon to Victor Morales
I would love to tell my husband Victor Morales how much he means to me. He is the best, the bestest! Am very blessed to call him my husband I would not trade him for the world. Love you dearly, Victor Morales out of Fort Davis. 

From Ashley Rodriguez to Jeremy
My husband doesn’t buy me flowers, and he isn’t keen on love notes. To an outsider this may seem strange, but his love language is caring for me when I’m sick. It’s checking my tire pressure in the morning and packing me a sandwich on my busy days. This means more to me than any Hallmark card. I love you, Jeremy! Hugs and kisses, Ashley.

From Dave Jurado to Vanessa Sanchez
My message is for Vanessa Sanchez. Happy Valentines Day Sweet Lips, may your day be filled with joy and happiness.

Love, the DIGLER

From Charlie Ewing to James
Happy Valentine's Day to my sweetie James. You've been my rock for 23 years now. I trust you, respect you, enjoy your company, and look forward to many more years of adventure.

With much love,

From Papa to Charlotte, Bixby, Farah, and Mabil
Take today and feel this love. Keep that love in your heart at all moments to guide you in life to a life filled with smiles, happiness, and peace for all who you choose to share it with.

Love, Papa

From Kathryn to The Preists
To the strangers who came here from San Fran, thank you for bringing your kindness and hospitality. You fit here and we are missing you. Thank you for giving yourself to Marfa.

Love, Kathryn

From Delfin to My Special Lady
You’re the greatest. Without you, I wouldn’t know what to do. Happy Valentines Day. I love you with all my heart.

From Carrie Rainey to Caleb Rhea
Thank you for putting up with me and my snoring and my farting. You tolerate me and that’s a miracle. Happy Valentine’s Day.

From Michael to Maggie
Here’s to me and here’s to you. In hopes that we don’t disagree. But if by chance we happen to, here’s to me and hullabaloo. Love Michael

From Adele To Noodle
You still smell vaguely skunk-like and I nonetheless let you sleep in my bed. That is love. I love you.

From Minerva to Delfin 
You’re the best thing that has ever happened in my life. With all my love, Momma

From Robert to My Lady
May you hear the wind sing
May you see the prairie grass dance
May you be at peace
Within the light, may you find love.

From Caleb to Carrie
To my love and my heart, I love you more than I can possibly express. You’re my best friend and I can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead. Love Caleb

From Joaquin to Dad
To dad I love you so much happy valentine’s Day :) :) <3 love Joaquin

From Katie Wolfe in Austin to KRTS
All my love to the folks at Marfa Public Radio who keep me connected to the communities and tumbleweeds of West Texas.

From Colby Brazile to Lisa
Happy Valentines Day to my lovely wife, Lisa! You make everyday so beautiful for our family. We love you!

From Jose Lopez to My Favorite Person
Just wanna wish you a great Valentines Day, thanks for this amazing trip to Valentine, Marfa, Ft. Davis and Alpine. I love you with all my heart. Here’s to great memories.
Hugs and kisses all the way from El Paso. Jose

From Alba Austin to the supporters of Midland Need to Read
From the devotion of our donors, to the commitment of our volunteers, we are all striving toward one goal: to develop the literacy skills of adults so they can achieve their goals, improve their lives, and impact our community. Your support means so much to the adults we serve. We love all of you who power the heart of Midland Need to Read. Happy Valentine’s Day.

From Susana to her husband
Bring more love home.

From Meg to B
To my Dinner Party Download crush B,
I wish you were my Valentine.
xo M

From Gracie Gonzales to Father
Happy Valentine’s Day, mi vida.

From Rosa to Mookie
Para mi gran amor secreto.

From Lupe to Yogi
Take me home tonight. Love you with all my bones.

From Glenn to Priscilla
Happy Valentine’s Day, Mi Amor.

From Rose Melendez to Ramon
Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.

From Sandra to Saul
Happy Valentine’s.

From Laurel to Wild Bill
Dear Wild Bill,
I am so happy you decided to stay with me in Marfa and be my desert meow face. I love you. You’re quite a pelt.

From Vanessa Sanchez to Dave Jurado
Happy Valentine’s day to the Diggler -- I love you handsome! Thank you for everything.

From Jackson Wisdorf to Maxwell
To my sweet boy, Maxwell - You’re a little rowdy sometimes, and eat way too many of my socks, but I wouldn’t trade you for any other puppy in the world.

Love ya, Happy Valentine’s Day (or whatever dogs call it!)

From April to Tobin
Happy Valentine's Day to Tobin from April. You are my favorite.