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Recapping the Tour De France with our Kid Sports Correspondent Luca Haines

Luca Haines (right) cheers on cyclists in the Tour De France, Summer 2015 (Julie Haines)

At times, public radio gets a bad rap for their sports coverage. Some complain that NPR reporting on sporting events lacks details and insight. But here at Marfa Public Radio, we believe some of the best sources for sports are pre-teens and teenagers. After all, is there anyone more obsessive about sports than a young boy?

For five years now, we've been turning to our sports correspondent Luca Haines to preview and recap major sporting events, from soccer's World Cup to Major League Baseball and now, to the Tour De France, which concluded on Sunday in Paris.

Luca Haines, 13, is a former resident of Marfa, Texas, and this summer, he attended an early stage of the Tour De France in person. He now lives in Durham, New Hampshire. We speak to him about winner Chris Froome, the secrets of world-class cyclists, and his experiences in the French countryside. Our full interview will be available later this week.

Former KRTS/KXWT News Director