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Man On "Walk Across America" Pitches An Upgrade for Marfa Golf Course

Entrance to the Marfa Golf Course in Marfa, TX. (Travis Bubenik / KRTS)

A California man who wants to upgrade the Marfa Golf Course was grilled on his plan at an executive session of the Presidio County Commissioners Court on Tuesday.

Commissioners asked about his finances, specifically about how he could make assurances that the project would be economically viable.

Larry Lunsford, the head of a company called Pro Tour Events, was hoping to secure a long-term lease to turn the course into one that would attract well-heeled golfers and contribute tourism dollars to the local economy.

Seemingly unrelated to the Marfa Golf Course proposal, Lunsford is also in the midst of a 2800-mile "transformational journey" from Florida to California.

The El Paso-based director Tony Dueñez, owner of Sir Realistic Productions, is working on a film about Lunsford and his cross-country journey.

The film's synopsis describes Lunsford as a one-time successful entrepreneur who, after falling on hard times, decides to embark on the journey to regain a sense of peace and happiness.

On Tuesday, in a 3-to-1 vote in favor, Lunsford was told he can take a non-binding "letter of intent" from the county to would-be investors and then report back to the commissioners.

When asked about the lack of specifics when it comes to his company's financial standing, Lunsford conceded that the investors group he'll need has not been put together. That's something that concerns the commissioners.

"Once we know who is all gonna be involved, once I've been able to show them the package from here, then they can check everybody out that they would like," Lunsford said. "Of course we would expect them to."

Lunsford says 24 permanent jobs would be created if the project moves ahead.

Lorne Matalon contributed reporting from Marfa.

Travis Bubenik is All Things Considered Host and Big Bend Reporter at Marfa Public Radio.