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Presidio County Court Discusses Budget and Resignation of Auditor

The Presidio County Courthouse in downtown Marfa. (Marfa Public Radio)

Monday in Marfa, the second of two public hearings was held on budget discussions for Presidio County. Commissioners Hernandez and Artanda were in attendance, along with Judge Hunt. A previous hearing on the budget was held last Tuesday in the city of Presidio. Judge Hunt began the session with these words.
The agenda is very simple. This is part of the continuing workshops we have on the fiscal budget.
The group was still absorbing the news of the resignation of court-appointed County Auditor Rick Herrman. Hunt said.
It appears the county auditor has resigned his position.
The next fiscal year budget for Presidio County is scheduled to be ratified on Tuesday.

Former KRTS/KXWT News Director