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How One of Our Radio Hosts Found Himself Invited to The Colbert Report on 9/11

Marfa Public Radio host Lonn Taylor, on the schedule to appear on Colbert Report, on Comedy Central, on September 11, 2014.

Here's a link to Historian Lonn Taylor's appearance on the Colbert Report.

Many West Texas viewers will be turned to cable TV on Thursday night at 10:30 PM CT when a local personality appears on national television.

On the popular TV show, the Colbert Report on Comedy Central, host Stephen Colbert plays a bombastic, patriotic, and self-aggrandizing news anchor. The show begins with the live studio audience chanting his name: "Stephen, Stephen, Stephen…"

But not everyone knows his name.
“I’ve never heard of the Colbert Report."
That’s Lonn Taylor of Fort Davis. And that was almost a problem.
“Well I have to confess that since my wife and I do not have a television set. I have not really watched television in about 15 years.”

But the Taylors do have a telephone, and that night it was ringing. Colbert’s people were on the line, and they wanted Mr. Taylor to come to New York City to be on the show.
“But fortunately my wife answered the phone, and she knew who he was, and she prepped me a little bit before I returned the call."
Lonn Taylor is an historian and a radio host on this station. He’ll appear this week as the featured guest with Stephen Colbert on Thursday, one of the most patriotic of days, September 11th. And why would a man without knowledge of the show – or even a television – be selected?
 “Well because in 2000, I wrote a book about the Star Spangled Banner."
That book is called “Star Spangled Banner: The Flag That Inspired the National Anthem. Taylor used to work for the Smithsonian Institute. In the early 2000s he began his “Rambling Boy” newspaper column - about West Texas history - under editor Roy Hamric at the Desert Mountain Times in Alpine. His columns became radio reports when KRTS was launched here in Marfa in 2006. His Star Spangled Banner book was re-issued in 2008, but that’s 6 years ago.
 “So I got to reread the book before I go on the Colbert show.”
Another worry of his is simply being in New York City on the anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks. Plus, it’s past his bedtime.
 “And I’m delighted that they will do the taping at 7:30 PM. I'm us usually in bed by 9:30 PM.”
His final worry is what the quick-witted and sharp-tongued television comedian might ask him.
 “Oh I’m terrified he’s going to ask me to sing…”
But there are no worries there. Colbert is a skilled singer himself.