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Healthcare Navigators Explain Coverage Options for West Texans

As the March 31st deadline for having health insurance under the Affordable Care Act approaches, health care navigators are out in communities across the country explaining how residents can get covered under the law's new online exchanges.

Like most states, Texas chose not to set up its own health exchange, choosing instead to offer residents coverage plans under the federal exchange.

The El Paso-based Project Amistad is visiting towns across West Texas to talk with residents about what those coverage options are, and to help guide them through the process of signing up. This week, the group's hosted a couple enrollment and education sessions in Alpine and Presidio.

We caught up with Community Relations Manager Roy Ortega, who spoke to us during Morning Edition about the sessions and what the health care landscape in West Texas looks like.

Project Amistad will be offering advice and information on health care options at the Marfa Public Library today (March 6) until 3 pm.

Travis Bubenik is All Things Considered Host and Big Bend Reporter at Marfa Public Radio.