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Latest on Rangra and Lujan Debate

Recall Mayor Rangra Poster

Last month, Alpine Mayor Avinash Rangra challenged former City Councilman Carlos Lujan to a debate in response to Lujan's allegations in thecampaign to recall the Mayor.  Rangra also challenged to debate former Alpine council members Dianna Asgeirsson and Hugh Johnson.

According to the Big Bend Gazette, Rangra and Lujan have disagreements on the conditions of the debate:

Rangra has set the condition for the face-off that Lujan provide written proof of his allegations before confronting his opponent.

In response to Rangra’s demand, Lujan has yet to provide the proof demanded by Rangra. Lujan contends if he shows his hand to Rangra before the debate, it will not happen. Lujan says if Rangra does debate it will be “political suicide” for the mayor.

Although the Rangra and Lujan have both confirmed a desire for the debate to ensue, a date and time has not been determined.