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How An Overhaul of Eminent Domain Law Failed In Texas

(Photo Courtesy of Mose Buchele/State Impact)

This is part two of a three-part series devoted to looking at efforts to overhaul eminent domain in Texas and what may come next for landowners, pipeline companies, and the oil and gas industry. Read Part One of this series  here.

This week, KUT is exploring the how the oil and gas boom has created confusion over eminent domain rules for private landowners. Earlier this year, landowner groups, environmentalists and oil and gas interests, appeared to be approaching agreement that those laws needed to change. But efforts to overhaul property rights failed this legislative session.  For StateImpact Texas, Mose Buchele reports on why that happened.

COMING FRIDAY: How, in the absence of a legislative solution, the courts are changing the face of property rights in Texas.