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Halloween on 93.5 FM


Celebrate Halloween with KRTS listeners!

10 AM: Marfa ISD 8th-graders from Miss Dobbs' class perform a live radio broadcast of "The Haunting Hour." They will be introduced by KRTS intern Megan Stonelake. There are 20 students in the on-air booth!

10:30 AM: "The Haunted Cabin," first heard on This American Life.

10:50 AM: A KRTS episode of Lonn Taylor's Rambling Boy on the changing face of Halloween.

11 AM: On Classical Midday, host Roseland Klein of Fort Davis will present "The Witches of Venice," by Philip Glass. The libretto will be read by Megan Stonelake. Also featured: "Night on Bald Mountain," by Mussorgsky, a favorite Halloween composition.

1 PM: At a break in Talk Of The Nation, we'll take the terrestrial signal down briefly for maintenance. Spooky silence.

3 PM: Billy Marginot of Marfa hosts an hour of great Halloween music.

4 PM: All Things Considered, with more sad and scary stories of the terrible storm in the Northeast. At 6 PM, it's Marketplace.

6:30 PM: A replay of the students' story "The Haunting Hour," from this morning's Talk At Ten.

7 PM: Tunes from the Crypt, as a soundtrack to your trick-or-treating.

8 PM: Replay of "The Haunted Cabin," followed by "The Scary Plan," about ghouls, ghosts, gore, and graves.

9 PM: The KRTS program Lost Frequencies, with Dan Shiman, spins Halloween themed music.

11 PM: Late night ghost story called "Listening In The Dark." There is an advisory warning on this for sensitive listeners.


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