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Small wildfires near Marfa


Thursday at 5 PM: Three wildfires near Marfa TX in Presidio County, due to cloud-to-ground lightning strikes.

KRTS has been reporting since 3:25 PM on a grass fire 8 miles east of Marfa and about 2 miles north of Hwy 67/90 - roughly north of Nopal Road. About 20-25 acres have been consumed.

Another fire is about 8 miles north of Marfa (east of Hwy 17), on or near the Ponder Ranch.

A third fire is about 4 miles west of Marfa, south of Highway 90. Photo below.


Thursday (7/21) 3:30 PM: There is a small grassland fire burning about 8 miles east of Marfa - along Highway 67/90 - between Marfa and Alpine - about 2 miles north of Nopal Road. The Marfa Volunteer Fire Department is on the scene. About 20-25 acres have been affected.

Station Manager Tom Michael was driving back from a lunch at home about 12 minutes before 3 PM, when he saw lightning touch-down to the east of town. Rachel Lindley of KRTS News spoke to Presidio County dispatcher Mark Lujan, who confirmed the blaze. Rosario Halpern announced the small fire on her program Musica En Espanol at 3:25 PM, in both Spanish and English. Thanks also to area residents who have reported the fire, just prior to 3 PM.

Former KRTS/KXWT News Director